June 4, 2009

At The Corgyncombe Dairy and Bakery

A Delicious Elevenish!
Delightful and Darling Daisy, one of the Corgyncombe goat kiddles.

Daisy's ears remind The Corgyncombe Courant Reporters of Daisy petals.

"A Song of the Daisy"

Always so radiantly wide awake,
Ne'er have I found you lazy,
Always so charmingly fresh and sweet,
Dear little bright-eyed Daisy!

Close to my heart I will fold you, Daisy,
Dearest of all the flowers,
Here is a kiss on your sweet pert face
Sealing this friendship of ours.

White, pure white, with a heart of gold,
Innocence, truth and love,
Surely there isn't a daintier dress
Nor a happier face above.

You aren't a saint like the Lily, dear,
Nor yet a coquette like the Rose,
But only a dear little flower child
That carelessly laughs and grows.

Sorrowful souls seek the sweet heart's ease,
Lovers the Violet,
But give me a meadow, a blue June sky,
And a daisy field all dew wet!

Daisy, you know naught of grief and pain,
Care never yet has found you,
It is the charm of your childlikeness
That close to my heart has bound you!

- Venita Seibert

Milk, fresh from Carmella Lucille.

Straining the milk.

Mixing up some bran muffins for an elevenish.
Filling the iron muffin pan.

Above are bran muffins made from scratch from a receipt that Tasha Tudor gave Diane. The receipt is also in "The Tasha Tudor Cookbook". The receipt had been given to Tasha by a friend who had been given it by another friend. Diane was delighted that Tasha shared the receipt with her!
Here is a link to: Where you can find "The Tasha Tudor Cookbook"

A delicious elevenish with bran muffins and goats milk!


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gail said...

I love daisies to and I especially love to embroider them on my stitching. Have a lovely weekend.

Blessings Gail

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