May 26, 2018

Pinkster Festival!

A Special African Celebration!
Estelle has gathered the ingredients for making gingerbread cookies, which include Corgyncombe Dairy Goat Carmella Lucille's fine milk and butter, Phidelia Finch's egg, and spices.

The Pinkster bush is fragrant and beautiful!

Pinkster Day was the day the Dutch observed Pentecost.

Those of African heritage along the Hudson River Valley in York State would gather together to celebrate Pinkster with week long festivities of joyous celebration with their traditional music and dancing. There were booths decorated with Pinkster blossoms, selling things such as gingerbread.

Click Here for Traditional Historic Celebration of Pinkster at Philipsburg Manor

Phidelia Finch at Corgyncombe

Estelle cuts out various animal shapes, such as rabbits, hens, fish, and squirrels.

Estelle sells her gingerbread cookies at a festive booth decorated with Pinkster blooms.

Estelle and her friends enjoy the sight and beautiful fragrance of the Pinkster!

Estelle's daughter Cordelia.

Sweet little Jennie.

Jennie's Mama

Jennie's Aunt Nellie

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